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510 Heron Drive, Suite 208 • Swedesboro, NJ 08085

856-832-2222 (phone) 856-832-2222 (phone)

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SelectQu Download

(ADP or Reynolds & Reynolds)

Full Installation
This is a fully functional copy of SelectQu. It will function for 15 days and then will need to be registered. Please contact SelectQu to register your copy.

Choose this download to update your already installed and registered copy of SelectQu.

SelectQu Update
SQServer is our Windows Service program that enables SelectQu to function as a service on your computer.

EDS Download

(Client Access Update)

SQ DB Install
Generic Database Configuration with setups for EDS and other DB type DMS.

EDS IBM AS400 (Links below)

EDS Information & Getting Started (information sheet)

Warning: The EDS IBM AS400 Upgrade download is 363 MB in size. Please make sure that the PC you are downloading this file to has ample hard drive space in order to accomodate this file.


  1. Click on the link above to initiate the download.
  2. Once you have saved the download to your hard drive, open the directory and run CAV5R3MO.exe
  3. You will be prompted to enter a destination directory for the program; please enter: C:SelectQuClientAccess53
  4. Open the directory that you've just created (C:SelectQuClientAccess53) and run Setup.exe and follow the instructions.
  5. The only part of the install needed is Data Access

SelectQu EDS - Other PC DB Based DMS

Remote Support Update

Remote Support Maintenance
SelectQu's Remote Support Software allows our Support Team to interact with the PC where the SelectQu program is installed. Our Remote Support Software works similarly to PCAnywhere and Go2MyPC but much faster. An important saftey and security feature: in order for us to access your computer to provide support, you must connect to us. We are unable to connect to you without you initializing the connection.

In order to connect to a specific Support Desk, please select one of the Support Desk items below:

Remote Help Desk 1
Remote Help Desk 2
Remote Help Desk 3
Remote Help Desk 4
Remote Help Desk 5
Remote Help Desk 6
Remote Help Desk 7
Remote Help Desk 8
Remote Help Desk 9
Remote Help Desk 11
Remote Help Desk 12
Remote Help Desk 13
Remote Help Desk 14
Remote Help Desk 15
Remote Help Desk 16

Team Viewer Connection

DKSupport (Global Help Desk)

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